Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reflection & New beginnings

Today when I think about the word "Luminosity" it brings to mind reflection and new beginnings...  this past week has been ... hmmm ... stressful?  A roller coaster?  It started with an interview for a job I didn't think I'd take.  And then a battle between this new company and my current place - for three days the battle ensued.  Offers and counter offers.  Flexibility, pros and cons.  Flattering none the less, but lots of tears and stress.  Even to the point of physical stress.  I've lost at least three pounds this week (which isn't a bad side affect, but surely not a healthy weight loss tactic)!

In the end, the new company won.  And rather than being worried about starting a new job I have peace.  Gratefulness at a new beginning.  Blessed by God's mercy and grace.  The HR manager at my current company was very gracious and sent me the scripture so well known we almost take it for granted - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Peace is so powerful.  Interestingly enough, the new HR manager happens to be the dad of a girl my son goes to school with.  Mind you, Erich  goes to a very small private Christian school.  Can you see God's hand in all of this?

Reflection - like the sun bouncing off the vast ocean... I can almost hear it.

New beginnings - like the trees and flowers all bursting to life in this record breaking 70+ weather we're having here in Michigan.

Reflection - I can be a reflection of God's love for me and humankind.

New beginnings - I can show others that the "what's different about her?" is Jesus Christ.